Dental lab
Čakan Dental Lab is one of the most modern dental labs in Serbia thanks to the constant efforts to improve all segments of work and operations.
The use of state-of-the-art devices and equipment is the base of our high quality services, together with the important contribution of our well selected professional staff, which has improved its skills in Serbia and abroad.
Our work space gives the clearest visual representation of our approach to this business, because the position of each element and participant is carefully predefined. In this way, we achieve a pleasant and motivating working atmosphere, which is largely transmitted into the quality of services.


The founder of the dental lab “Čakan Dental”, started his long working experience at the Military Medical Academy. Afterwards, he worked at the Serbian Railways. Vladimir has regularly attended congresses, seminars and courses in Serbia and abroad. where he continues his professional training, in order to offer higher quality dental prostheses.
International and domestic seminars, courses and congresses:

Constant improvement at international training seminars, domestic and international courses, in order to use state-of-the-art materials and higher quality dental-prostheses.
Čakan Vladimir is authorized by VITA as coach in the field of VITA PM9, VITA VM13, VITA MASTER – VITA ceramics.

Laboratorija ČAKAN DENTAL dobija zvanični VITA sertifikat kvaliteta i postaje prva i jedina VITA MASTERLAB na Balkanu.

Authorisation – to teach: Vita VM 13 & Vita VMK Master in 3D Master Shades, Petra Kohlhaas, November 2011 – Vladimir Čakan postaje VITA demonstrator i stiče pravo da drži autorizovane VITA kurseve.
Vita PM 9 – product workshop – Adrian Apreotesei, November 24th 2011
Vita Dentures Set – Up Course with Vita MFT – Aesthetic and Function, Erik Weidmann, February 23th 2011
Vita Dentures Set – Up Course with Vita MFT – Aesthetic and Function, Erik Weidmann, February 21th 2011

Vita VMK Master – individual – Adrian Apreotesei, September 16th 2010

Vita, Outstanding Aesthetics with Vita Master, Adrian Apreotesei – October 2009
Scheu, Pressure moulding workshop of Scheu – Dental, June 19th-20st 2009
Topic: Ministar S / Biostar pressure moulding techniques
Vita, Outstanding Aesthetics with Vita VM 9-Erik Weidmann, May 30th 2009
Bego, Partial denture techniques, according to Bego-system, February 10th 2009
Ivoclar-IPS e.max, January 24th 2009

Bredent, Kombi-Technik vks-sg 2.2, October 30st-31st 2004
DeguDent-Ceramco 3, Individual build-up technique in theory and practice,
June 30th-July 1st 2005
Vita VM 13, Outstanding Aesthetics-Johann Pitula, Apri 5th 2006
Bredent, Doppelkronen und Modeellguss im Einstuckgussverfahren, May 4th -6th 2006
Noritake-Noritake Cerabien Zirconia-CZR Jacket Crown, June 15th 2006
Straumann, Dental Implant System, practical course for dental technicians,
November 9th-11th 2006

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